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Brand Testing

Brand testing is when a new brand is to be launched in a market and the market acceptance, preference and perception is tested. This is usually done qualitatively and tests the brand names, colours, concepts and communication.

Brand Audits

From time to time one needs to understand consumer perception and attitudes around a specific brand to measure whether the brand positioning is still in line with the brand strategy. These audits are usually done with a combination of qualitative and quantitative research.

Concept Testing

Concept testing is usually done qualitatively as it is explorative in nature and tests various concepts and materials of brands.

Corporate Reputation

A Corporate reputation study is by en large a 360° stakeholder research study. It includes the various components like the financial performance of a company, the management, the staff, the products and services and communication etc. As the study includes a wide range of stakeholders one often uses both qualitative and quantitative methodologies to gather the wide range of opinions.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction surveys measures the satisfaction of a business' clients with the products and services they receive. These studies are mainly done by means of quantitative research in order to establish benchmarks and measurable ratings.

Communication Audit and/or testing

A Communication Audit assesses the effectiveness and credibility of an organization’s communication strategy, in other words where and how an organization communicates with its key stakeholders. Such an Audit would require either qualitative or quantitative research methods or both.

Internal Climate Surveys

One of the most important stakeholders of any business is its human resources. Understanding employees can go a long way in maintaining and improving a business’ financial objectives and keeping customers satisfied. Internal Climate Surveys assist business’ in understanding the underlying motivators that drive employee behaviour and satisfaction. Qualitative and quantitatve research can be applied.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is used to measure the quality of service or to gather specific information about products and services from a customer point of view. Mystery shoppers perform tasks specified by the client such as purchasing a product, making general or specific enquiries, registering complaints or behaving in a certain way, and then providing detailed reports on their experiences.

Product Testing

Product tests aim to provide manufacturers with feedback on how their product is being used by consumers and whether the product performance exceeds consumer expectation. It looks at areas such as packaging design, areas of improvement and therfore possible cost savings that could be made.

Product testing is is mainly done through qualitative research

Retail Audits

Retail Audits encompass the tracking of product movement and availablility. Auditors visit participating stores and record information such as prices, availablity of stock, advertising, and sales volumes.

Segment Studies

Market segmentation attempts to identify groups of consumers who have similar characteristics and who will therefore respond to a marketing strategy in the same manner. The results from these studies provide guidelines for a company's marketing strategy.

Both quantitative and qualitative methodologies can be applied to achieve results.

Supplier Service Measurements

The aim of these measurements is to better understand the perceptions of another of the stakeholders of a company – its suppliers, and whether they feel they are being failry treated by the employees of the company.

Usage and attitude surveys

Usage and attitude surveys help companies determine how a brand is used, as well as the habits and attitudes that consumers have towards it.