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Media Metrics

Example report for MediaMetrics

This is a shortened, interactive sample report for MediaMetrics™. On our website we show some of the details of the data from the full report to illustrate the way our MediaMetrics™ surveys collect and visualize data.

Measuring Namibian Media Awareness & Usage

  • Sample size for 2016 - 2,384 respondents
  • Survey conducted national
  • Stratified sampling based on 2011 census results: Urban and rural areas, Regions
  • Random respondent selection within the following criteria: Age 16+, 50% male and 50% female respondents

2016 Namibian Population, age 16+ (estimated)

Total population: 1,414,175 people



Demographic profile (2016)

The demographic profile includes detailed data about home language, age groups, personal income, living standard variables, education level, employment, income trends, household composition, etc...

Home Language

Age groups

Personal Income


Media Usage

How are the main media channels used? Which trends can be observed. The media report includes detailed data and trends about printed media awareness and readership, radio station awareness and listenership, television channel awareness and viewership as well as internet activity from cell phone and computers and the importance of social media. Also outdoor media is taken into consideration.

So how many people use Radio, TV, Newspapers and Internet (in %) ?

Listened Radio

Watched TV

Read Newspapers

Accessed Internet


Brand awareness

A large part of the MediaMetrics report deals with brand awareness. A variety of brands are analysed including newspapers, TV sets, Cell phone network providers, cellphone manufacturers, banks, insurance companies, beer and cool drinks, motor vehicles and many more.

Here an example "Top of mind brand awareness: Banks" So how many people are aware of these banks (in %) ?


Bank Windhoek

Standard Bank




Advert recall

We ask the important questions like "Which media do you use as a main source of news?", "Which media do you think is the most important media when making a purchase decision?", etc.

So, as an example - Which media do people think is best for launching new products or services (in %) ?

Radio Advertising

TV Advertising

Newspaper Advertising

Internet Advertising